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Furniture Pickup and Delivery

Furniture moving can sometimes be daunting task. Whether you are purchasing new furniture from a store or just moving between offices or homes, we can organise your move with ease.

​Zip Movers staff is fully trained in all aspects of office and business relocations and are always in our uniforms for easy identification.

  • Moving furniture between homes or offices.
  • Disposal of furniture items to charity stores or recycling tips.
  • ​Assistance in carrying furniture to different floors

Transporting furniture can be done quite simply. If it’s just a chest of drawers or a few chairs, you can often find space for them in your car. If you don’t drive or have to transport larger items, moving furniture starts to become a lot more complicated. Trying to fit tables and wardrobes into the family hatchback is no mean feat; which is why sometimes it’s preferable to employ the services of a furniture delivery company.

There are lots of reasons you might be looking for furniture transport, taking things in and out of storage is a common reason. Buying furniture online is becoming more popular and second hand furniture on eBay is a huge category.

Luckily there are Zip Movers who specialize in furniture courier services that you can organise to pick up your new armchair or wardrobe and have it delivered to you directly and safely. These services can be cheaper than you have thought.

Prior to having your furniture transported make sure that you check its condition and take pictures of it. This will help you to see if it’s been damaged when it arrives. When buying second hand furniture online make sure that the seller provides accurate details and images.

When it comes to packaging your furniture different services will have different policies, some will want to pack it themselves​whereas others will allow you to do it yourself – which brings us to finding the right courier service.



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